February 29, 2024

It was brought under control after three and a half hours of hard work.

Surat : A fire broke out in the Looms factory in Saroli area in Surat late at night. There was a rush in the wake of the fire. On being informed, the fire department rushed to the spot and brought the fire under control till early morning. However, it is estimated that there has been a huge loss in the fire. Looms factory is located in Saroli area of Surat, in which a sudden fire broke out late at night and there was a rush. Today, assuming a ferocious form, the convoy including 14 vehicles of the fire department ran away. The help of a fleet including vehicles from different fire stations of the city was taken. After three and a half hours of hard work, the fire was brought under control.

Furthermore, water was used on the fire till early morning. After that cooling operation was done. A large quantity of cloth was stored. The fire became more ferocious due to the amount of cloth. A large quantity of cloth and machinery were burnt. So the loss is estimated to be millions. While the cause of the fire has not been revealed and no casualties have been reported.

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