There were only fire executions in the estate; There was no other fire system.

Ahmedabad : A massive fire broke out late at night in a plastic godown in Chehar Estate near Silver Oak University in Gota area of Ahmedabad. About four to five godowns were gutted in the fierce fire. As many as 26 vehicles of the fire brigade brought the fire under control by using water throughout the night. A late night fire in the godown was raging till early morning. At present, the fire brigade team is carrying out the cooling operation. According to the information received from the Ahmedabad fire brigade, a message was received in the fire brigade control room at late night at 1.30 that a fire has broken out in an estate near Silver Oak University in Gota area. Teams of fire brigade were sent for it. The fire started in a plastic godown of Chehar Estate and within ten minutes the fire took a monstrous form. Within a few minutes, the entire godown was engulfed in flames. Smoke and flames could be seen far and wide. By the time the fire brigade team reached, the fire had spread further. A total of 26 fire brigade vehicles reached the spot one after the other.

The fire brigade team started trying to douse the fire by using water cannon. However, there were plastic godowns and caught fire quickly. Due to which fire spread in four to five godowns one after the other. After 6 hours of hard work, the fire was brought under control at 7:30 in the morning. There were plastic godowns in Chehar Estate and they suffered huge damage due to fire. There were only fire executions in the estate. There was no other fire system.

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