There were possibilities of fire spreading to other places as well.

Vadodara : With the onset of summer, there is a steady increase in fire incidents. Garbage caught fire in an open space on Khaswadi cremation road in Karelibagh area of the city. After that, a fire broke out in the nearby illegal scrap godown. His Highness immediately reported the fire regarding this incident and controlled the fire. In this fire incident, the scrap goods were burnt and while the nearby vehicles were removed in time, one vehicle was affected by the fire. Carts with scrap goods were parked in a godown called Jai Mataji Traders Repairing on Khaswadi Smshan Road in Karelibagh area of the city and passing by Aradhana Cinema. Garbage caught fire in an open space near here and there was chaos as it approached the illegal scrap godown. Dandiabazar Fire received a call regarding this incident and immediately reached the spot and launched water cannons. As the fire was high, the Gharrawadi fire department was also called.

Regarding this, Station Fire Officer Digvijay Parmar said that our team reached immediately as soon as the fire call was received. A fire broke out in a garbage dump here, but the fire spread further as it reached the adjacent scrap godown. Regarding this incident, three cars of Dandiyabazar and Gharrawadi fire department reached immediately and the fire was brought under control after one and a half hours of hard work. The same amount of scrap here was burnt. A car was also caught on fire, but all the cars were prevented from getting damaged beyond the side. The fire department put out the fire while getting details about the scrap godown, it was revealed that the godown owner had no evidence. The fire department is currently investigating the matter. After that action will be taken. There are mostly scrap godowns and repairing shops around here. So if the fire department had not reached here immediately, there were possibilities of fire spreading to other places as well.

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