The Udhana police have conducted further investigation.

Surat : A friend attacked a friend with a deadly weapon in an office located in Udhana area of Surat. The reason behind the attack 7 years ago, the accused insulted his friend’s mother for some reason. So the accused was slapped by a friend. To take revenge for this, the accused had fatally attacked his own friend with a deadly weapon in the presence of other friends and escaped. The live CCTV footage of the fatal attack was also exposed. Udhana police have arrested the accused who attacked and taken further action.

A fatal attack took place two days ago at Dattakutir in Udhana area of Surat. Rahul Jadav, a resident of Dattakutir Society, was attacked with a deadly weapon by his friend Kiran Ahir. In the incident of the attack, the seriously injured Rahul Jadav was shifted to Surat Civil Hospital for treatment and further investigation was carried out by Udhana Police. According to the Udhana Police Station, Rahul Jadav and his friend Kiran Ahir were sitting with their other friends in an office located in Dattakutir Society of Udhana. Meanwhile, Kiran Ahir, who was sitting on the sofa, fatally attacked Rahul Jadav with a deadly weapon. Immediately after the attack, all the other friends who were sitting together rushed Kiran Ahir. After which Kiran Ahir escaped from the scene. All this incident of fatal attack was captured in the CCTV of the office. However, Rahul Jadav, who was injured in the attack, was shifted to Surat New Civil Hospital for treatment.

On the other hand, after getting information about the incident, Udhana police rushed to the spot and conducted further investigation. The Udhana police registered a case against Kiran Ahir and launched efforts to arrest him. To arrest the accused, the Udhana police formed different teams and conducted a search, where the Udhana police team caught the accused Kiran Ahir and sent him to jail. In the interrogation of the accused, it was found that seven years ago, the accused Kiran Ahir abused the injured Rahul Jadav’s mother and behaved indecently. So that at that time Rahul Jadav scolded and slaped. The fact that Kiran had attacked Rahul out of enmity with the incident that happened seven years ago was revealed in the police investigation. Then the Udhana police have conducted further investigation to see if Kiran Ahir’s other friends are also involved in this attack.

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