Due to negligence of AMC system and local police, this happened there.

Ahmedabad : Under the various bridges of the city, the space under the bridge is properly utilized by the municipal corporation by providing pay and parking, but the space under the Jamalpur bridge of the city has now become a hangout for motorists. Cough syrup bottles and liquor bags have been found in the lower part of Jamalpur Bridge towards ST bus stand. Some anti-social elements and drunkers are seen coming under the bridge and consuming cough syrup. Jamalpur Bridge has now become a hangout for anti-social elements. Due to lack of any kind of attention on this matter by the municipal corporation system and the local police, many incidents have happened there.

Moreover, various vehicles are parked there as there is currently an empty space on the lower side of Jamalpur Bridge towards ST. Although the underside of the bridge has now become a hangout for anti-social elements, bottles of cough syrup strewn about and alcohol being consumed can be seen there. Not just two but 25 to 30 cough syrup bottles were found under the bridge, along with liquor bottles. Under the bridge there was so much filth and foul smell that no one could stand under it. In the evening, drunkers come under the bridge and drink bottles of cough syrup. Now anti-social elements are getting drunk in the premises owned by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, but the system is not paying any attention to this matter.

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