There is a possibility that other explanations will come out in the inquiry.

Surat : A thief has been arrested by the police in Surat, who resorted to theft to finance his studies. An unsuccessful attempt was made by this thief to open the door lock of the moped parked at different places with duplicate keys. However, the Adajan police arrested the thief who managed to open the lock of the door lock of a moped parked in Adajan area of Surat and stole cash. The police have also seized cash along with duplicate keys of different mopeds from the accused and are conducting further interrogation.An example of what compulsion does not do to a man has been seen in Surat, where a student has been forced to go on the path of theft to cover the financial expenses of his studies. The student has finally come to jail. According to the information received from the Adajan Police Station, just a few days ago. Earlier, the lock of the moped parked in Adajan area was opened with a duplicate key and cash was stolen by unknown thieves. The moped owner complained about this in the Adajan police station and the police registered a case and conducted an investigation. Incidents of a failed attempt to unlock the moped’s key with a duplicate key were noticed. So the Adajan police surveillance team was on constant watch to catch the thieves.

Meanwhile, the Adajan police received information that the thief, who stole the lock of the moped with a duplicate key, is returning to the Adajan area to commit the crime. Duplicate keys of different mopeds along with cash were found. Cash worth more than 34 thousand rupees was seized from the accusedand in-depth interrogation was conducted by the police.In the police interrogation, the accused Ashish Indramohan Jha, a native of Bihar and living in a rented house in Ayodhyanagar society at Nawagam Dindoli, came to light. Further, the accused himself studied charted account and told the police the details of theft to get the financial expenses of the study. The accused told the police that his financial condition is very poor and his parents living in the native place bear the cost of his studies. Due to very bad financial condition, two to three failed attempts were made to open the lock of the moped parked at different places with duplicate keys. It was successful only once. However, when Adajan was returning to the area to commit another theft incident, the police caught him.

According to Adajan police, the accused is currently studying CA. He has given a statement to the police that he had stolen to cover the cost of the study. However, an investigation has been conducted by the Adajan Police to find out whether the accused has committed any such theft incident before. At present, the police have succeeded in solving a crime of theft registered in the Adajan police book, where the accused has been interrogated in depth. There is a possibility that other explanations will come out in the inquiry.

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