The police have taken note and are conducting further investigation.

Valsad/Surat : After the delivery of a woman at the Dharampur Chowk on Valsad Highway, local people took the help of the 108 team to help the woman and the newborn baby. The team of Valsad 108 rushed to help immediately after knowing about the incident. The woman who gave birth to the newborn baby was found to be mentally unstable. Immediately the team of Dungri 108 of Valsad reached the place of the incident and with the help of local women tried to cut the umbilical cord of the baby and the woman and shifted the woman safely to Valsad Civil Hospital. The woman’s husband has gone to Ahmedabad. She was saying that she would come to get him now. A demented woman was publicly delivered on Monday morning at Dharampur Chowk near Valsad town. The woman was carrying a new born baby in her arms. The woman was known by the locals to be mentally unstable. An Asha worker passing through the night sought the help of the 108 team to provide medical assistance to the woman and the newborn. On receiving the call, the team of Dungri 108 of Valsad taluka immediately left for Dharampur intersection along with EMT Chandravati Patel and pilot Rakesh Patel of the 108 team.

108’s EMTs obtained initial information from the caller. When the EMT asked the Asha worker on the call to place the woman giving birth to the newborn baby on the side. At that time the caller said that he was not at the scene of the incident. After which the 108 team conducted a search for the woman walking around with the child in Dharampur Circle and surrounding areas. A team of 108 found a demented woman walking around with a newborn baby in her arms. An unstable minded woman had a malnourished child in her arms. The weight of the baby was only 510 grams. With the help of local women, EMT Chandravati of 108 cut the baby’s umbilical cord and gave first aid to the baby. Later, the woman was not ready to sit in the ambulance while taking the mentally unstable woman to 108 for first aid and hospitalization. Her husband, who had gone to Ahmedabad, would now come to pick her up. 108’s EMT Chandravati maneuvered the woman into 108 with the newborn baby and shifted the woman to Valsad Civil Hospital for treatment. A preliminary guess is that a young man has abandoned a mentally unstable pregnant woman. A civil hospital doctor at Valsad City Police Station had recorded a public delivery of a newborn baby of a 26-year-old mentally unstable woman at Dharampur Chowk and the woman was admitted to Valsad Civil Hospital. The police have taken note and are conducting further investigation.

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