After killing the child, the body was thrown into the water well of the construction side.

Surat : At a construction site on the Garhpur road side at Sarthana, a mother along with her lover murdered her three-year-old child. Rajasthan police have registered a case and are investigating. According to the information about the forgery, a woman named Leela, who lives in Baswara, Rajasthan, came to Surat with her three-year-old son Kamlesh a month or so ago. A laborer was working at a construction site on Garhpur Road in Sarthana area in Surat, where she came in contact with Ajay and formed a love relationship with him. When Leela ran away with this lover, her husband lodged a complaint of kidnapping at Baswara, Rajasthan.

Meanwhile, the police caught the woman and her lover but the child was not found with them. So, while inquiring about the child, Leela confessed to killing her child and hiding her body in a water pit in Garhpur where she was working. The Rajasthan police got the help of the local Sarthana police when they came to know about the child’s murder. The Rajasthan Police along with the accused lovers and Sarthana Police conducted an investigation at the scene of the incident. From where the police found the body of the murdered three-year-old child in a water well. The Rajasthan Police took possession of the body of the three-year-old child and returned to Rajasthan after taking the body of the three-year-old child to a hospital in Surat. However, at present, the Rajasthan Police has taken the help of the Sarthana Police and registered a case of murder after kidnapping against his wife Leela and her lover Ajay, and is conducting further investigation.

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