February 25, 2024

The python was handed over to the forest department after receiving seven stitches; a fear was seen among villagers

Ahmedabad : In Melasana village near Sanand in Ahmedabad district, a nine feet long giant python came. A local person saw the python in an injured condition. On being informed, the Animal Rescue Team reached the village of Vijay Dabhi Melasan and they rescued the injured nine-foot python and treated it on the spot. The python was handed over to the forest department after receiving seven stitches. Vijay Dabhi of Animal Life Care said that, Rohit Patel received a call from Melasana village on the Sanand-Nalsarovar road that a giant python has arrived in the village and people are scared. The python is in an injured state. So I along with my team reached the village with all the rescue equipment. The entire village was terrified at the sight of the nine-foot python.

Moreover, Vijay Dabhi further said that, the village gathered to see the python rescue operation. The python was rescued with tools and sustained an injury to its rear tail. As he was injured by any person or for any reason, he was immediately informed to the forest department employee and treated. He was admitted to Ahmedabad Forest Hospital for further treatment.

They further said that, when the monsoon season is going on, there are frequent incidents of snake-python outbreaks in the village area. People should not try to catch the snake themselves, if they do not know the identity of the snake. No snake should be killed. Because people still kill pythons in rural areas considering them poisonous, but pythons are actually non-venomous. Never kill a python or any other creature that appears. Animal helpline or forest department should be contacted immediately.

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