Some passengers were even scared after seeing the scenes of fighting.

Ahmedabad : A scuffle broke out between security and autorickshaw drivers at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad yesterday. The video of this incident has come out, in which the rickshaw pullers reached the arrival area and got into a heated fight with the security guard. The rickshaw pullers ran over and beat the security guard. The scenes are captured on video. Seeing these scenes, the passengers in the airport were in a state of fear. A rickshaw puller also spoke abusive language. An application has been made to the police by the airport regarding this and efforts are being made to file a complaint.

At night some rickshaw pullers are intoxicated and touting for a ride in their rickshaw for passengers coming at night. Then last night the security guards stopped the rickshaw pullers from touting. Meanwhile, some rickshaw pullers reached the arrival area and also opened fire on the security guard on duty at the airport. Not only this, but he had disturbed the atmosphere of the airport by swearing. Due to this, the passengers were taken by surprise. Some passengers were even scared after seeing the scenes of fighting. Day by day making innovative efforts for the convenience of passengers. For the last five months, there has been a rift between the autorickshaw drivers and the security guards on duty at the Ahmedabad airport, which is doing something new every month to improve the comfort of the passengers. Earlier too, there were incidents of attacks on autorickshaw drivers when they were stopped by security guards during outings. Subsequently, the number of such cases decreased with changes in the system. But for the last two days, the atmosphere has again heated up between the security guards and the autorickshaw drivers and scenes of fights were revealed late yesterday.

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