Police have arrested one while the other has been declared wanted.

Surat : A man has been caught coming to the temple in a luxurious car and robbing people by identifying himself as Naga Bawa. This person used to go to the temple in a luxurious car and used to hypnotize people by asking them for directions or saying that you have the wrath of false teachings. After that person who came to his talk, he would stun him by throwing ashes in the air and run away with gold or money from his pocket. After the robber left in a car that the man knew had been robbed. These robbers live a luxury lifestyle in two villages. However, the Jahangirpura police of Surat have arrested this robber from Dehgam in Mehsana. It is known that the accused has cheated around 1 crore in the last three months.

According to the information received from the police, a few days ago a case came to light in Jahangirpura area that a man disguised himself as a thief and ran away with gold and cash from people. Jahangirpura police have arrested Vanraj Madari from Dehgam in Mehsana while investigating. The police are shocked by the modus operandi of the arrested accused. In the last three months, about 1 crore accused have been found to have cheated. The modus operandi of the accused Madari was that he used to sit in a Mercedes or BMW car from Valsad and wait near the temple. A woman or an old man standing near the temple dressed in gold would ask them the address of the temple, after which Madari would talk to the person and hypnotize them. He used to remove jewelry from them. He used to take money out of his pocket. People knew that they had been robbed after the robber left in the car. In Jahangirpura alone, it has been known that fraud of 7 to 8 lakhs has taken place so far.

The police said that the accused Vanraj Madari used to get into a luxurious car and make fun of old or middle-aged people who looked lonely and said that he was a Nude bawa. The latter used to stun the opponent by blowing ashes out of the air, performing magic to extract gold bars or money. The latter used to steal gold or valuables. The accused used to target the temples of Valsad, Navsari, Surat with his sagaritas. From Bharuch, Vadodara to Dehgam, the accused has cheated more than one crore. Jahangirpura police received a complaint of looting by Naga Bawa, the police conducted an investigation on the basis of CCTV. Police chased Madari on the basis of CCTV. The police checked the footage till Bharuch. The police managed to track down the accused based on his car number and sped away from Mehsana’s body. Two live a luxury lifestyle in the village. Police have arrested one while the other has been declared wanted. DCP Rakesh Barot said about the arrested accused that the accused used to target such elderly people in the car. He used to hypnotize people by talking to him on the pretext of asking the way to the temple. The arrested accused, Vanraj Madari along with one of his accomplices used to hypnotize the elderly people coming near the temple with their black magic by saying that they are angry with you. Later he would loot the cash and gold worn on his body and run away.

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