February 25, 2024

There are also other subjects, which can learn very easily with fun and can get more knowledge about all the subjects

To initiate with, the teacher has made a unique snake ladder out of waste material so that the primary school students get knowledge in mathematics with fun and children do not find mathematics difficult.

Further, she has been awarded the Innovative Teacher Award by Sir Foundation, Maharashtra and IIM, Ahmedabad for this innovative experiment.

Apart from this, this teacher has combined not only mathematics, but also subjects like environment with games like Snakes, Trade, Ludo. She is originally from Vadnagar. Her father was doing general jobs and her mother was a housekeeper.

When she was young, the financial condition of her family was very poor. As such she P.T.C. studied. He started her job in 1998 from Bardoli Konthi in Dehgam taluka of Gandhinagar.

Furthermore, she added fun to knowledge with snakes, puzzle, picture game, digit game, recognize me, maze games, unit puzzle solving, number square, calendar games and many more, and maths subject made like very interesting.

Lastly, Speaking to Ankitaben Patel, teacher said that, no subject is difficult. If each subject is taught through various activities, charts, stories, games then children can easily understand it.

Also, like explaining each chapter of mathematics with the help of sapsidi, students can understand it quickly. And students are also said to be interested in learning mathematics.

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