February 25, 2024

Evacuate to a safe place if necessary at the time of forecast and also take your animals to a safe place.

Dwarka: A very severe cyclonic storm Biporjoy is forming over the Northeast Arabian Sea. Now, important news has come out about this storm cyclone. The cyclone is now only 180 km away from Jakhou in Kutch. The cyclone is about 180 km west-southwest of Jakhou port.

All possible disaster management measures are being taken by the system in view of the threat of Cyclone Biporjoy in Devbhoomi Dwarka district. People living in areas that fall under the cyclone’s influence zone have been evacuated.

However, in the meantime, Devbhoomi Dwarka administration is working to take special care of the pregnant women living in this area and move them to a safe place so that, they do not face any problem due to the storm or migration.

Although, a total of 181 pregnant women in Dwarka district were taken to Selter Home, in which 169 women were successfully delivered after completion of 9 months last night. Following the cyclone situation in Dwarka, the health department has mapped all the expectant mothers in the district one to one and moved them to the health centers. Pregnant womens, whose due dates are close are tracked one-to-one by health workers.

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