The grave has also been dug in the graveyard and we are not getting the dead body from here.

Surat : Sir, we have to take the dead body away, now it is evening. In response to such a question, ‘There is no staff in the police station, we will send it when it comes’, the family was disturbed after getting an extravagant reply from the Sarthana police for the post-mortem. Last afternoon, the wife was waiting for the police with her 4-month-old child to take her husband’s dead body. After 22 hours, the family found the dead body at 11 am today. According to the information, Nazar Ali Sukar Ali (22 years), a native of Assam, was currently living with his wife and 4-month-old child in Adarsh Society at Sayan. Nazar Ali used to work in a textile mill in Sayanma to support his family. On Tuesday, Nazar Ali came to Surat for Eid shopping on a bike with his friend Umar Ali. After shopping, both friends were returning home with bikes. Meanwhile, his bike collided with the BRTS railing near Diamond Nagar, which is within the limits of Sarthana Police Station.

Moreover, Umar Ali died on the spot in the accident. Also, due to serious injuries, Nazarali was shifted to New Civil Hospital for treatment through 108 ambulance, where he died on Thursday morning during treatment. So the incident was reported to the Sarthana police from the civil police post. It took up to 22 hours to inform the Sarthana police. However, no policeman from the police station came to the new civil hospital. It was an accident, so a postmortem of the dead body was also necessary. So to see her husband’s body, Nazarali’s wife was waiting for the police in the heat of the afternoon with her 4- month-old child. Nazrali’s cousin, Muzan Hussain, said more hours had passed while waiting for the police. However, no police came. So last day around 5:30 pm I called the Sarthana police station saying, Sir, we have to take the dead body and go away, now it is evening.

It was further said that Nazarali’s 4-month-old child has not been fed milk since morning. It is so hot, sir, think about the child, he said. So he gave an extravagant answer from the front. He said, we will send the staff when they will be available to the police station, what should we do, the family was broken in a sad hour and was in a position to seek help. He further said that he was asked to come at 8:00 am today so that the post-mortem does not take place after evening. However, even after 11 o’clock, the post-mortem is still not done and we the family members are waiting outside the post- mortem. The grave has also been dug in the graveyard and we are not getting the dead body from here.

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