The young man also attacked the mother and son.

Surat : Incidents of crazy lovers in unrequited love in Surat, which do not stop even from serious crimes, are coming up on a regular basis. At that time, the young man who was madly in love with the widow got angry when she did not accept the marriage proposal. The latter hurled abuse at the widow and her child and threatened to rape her. The matter did not stop there, the young man also attacked the mother and son. 20-year-old Hari Modi lives in Asharamji Nagar on Sayan-Hajira road in Jahangirpura area. Hari has lodged a police complaint of attempted murder against Isam named Rajesh, who lives on rent in his own society. In this complaint, he was told that Rajesh is currently single. Staying in his own society, he earns his living by running the Chota hathi tempo. Hari’s mother Anju (name changed) being a widow, Rajesh spoiled her. asked Anju to marry him. But Anju rejected Rajesh for marriage. So Rajesh insulted Anju in spite of this. Also threatened to kidnapped and rape. But still Anju did not surrender to him.

At around 7:45 am yesterday, Hari and his mother had gone outside the Anju Society to collect the goods on the road. In the meantime, Rajesh brought his chota hathi tempo to full speed. Anju was hit by a tampon and fell on her head. Along with this, Hari also hit the tempo and threw it on the side of the road. As if that was not enough, Rajesh reversed the tempo and again drove at full speed and tried to kill Anju. As a result, Anju suffered serious injuries on her head and different parts of her body. Hence, she was shifted to the hospital in a serious condition. On the other hand, the police took Hari’s complaint and registered a case of attempted murder against Rajesh and took legal action.

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