February 25, 2024

Bharuch’s thugs formed Harhar Mahadev group in the name of trust and trapped people

Surat: A thug from Bharuch, including Surat, has been registered in the Chowkbazaar Police for making a WhatsApp group called Harhar Mahadev and cheating more than 150 devotees by asking them to take them on the Amarnath Yatra cheaply. Nilesh Dhaduk is an electronics trader in Viramnagar society next to Akhandanand College.

Moreover, 1000 to go from Surat to Ahmedabad and 1000 to 2000 rupees for Ahmedabad to Amarnath Yatra. Friends including Dhaduk and Divyang showed interest in Amarnath Yatra for just 2000 rupees. Six of them gave Rs 12,000 registration fee, fitness certificate and photo etc. to Manish Solanki. Later, Manish added all these to the Harhar Mahadev WhatsApp group.

Excuses were made in the name of bus, helicopter, train

All these people were asked to go to the sleeping bus saying that, they had to change the WhatsApp message first and then there was a problem in booking the helicopter and then the train.

Although, many people refused to go in the sleeping bus. Meanwhile, Rahul called more than 150 people to Suman Awas asking them to go from Surat to Ahmedabad by bus saying that the booking through train is going on, but the bus did not come.

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