The police team rushed to the spot and conducted an investigation.

Surat : Surat City without a Commissioner of Police is like an orphan. Criminals have become so ruthless that the police do not exist. Murder incidents were happening in the city for the last fortnight, but today. The rampant killings on public roads in the city on April 11 have shocked the townspeople. With this incident of murder, a picture has emerged that a gang war has broken out in the city. A bootlegger has been brutally killed in Surat today. After cutting off the bootlager’s hand, he was rushed and killed by slitting his throat. The bootlegger’s severed hand lay on the road for hours. The citizens were shocked to see the severed hand lying on the road. Seeing the scenes of gang war seen in the movies in reality, the urbanites trembled. The police rushed to the news of this incident which took place in Udhana area. On the other hand, the family members of the dead youth also came running. The atmosphere was gloomy with the wailing of relatives on the public road.

According to the additional details of this case, the name of the dead youth has been found to be Bhajan Sardar. It is said that Bhajansingh Chikligar alias Bhajan Sardar had a quarrel with Singodi Sardar, son-in-law of bootlegger Bhau Sardar, and his men two months ago. Bhau Sardar’s men attacked Bhajan Sardar with a sword today with the intention of taking revenge. As Bhajan Sardar left his sister’s house this afternoon, Bhau Sardar and his men blocked Bhajan Sardar’s Scorpio near the Lakshminarayana temple and swooped down on him with swords. As Bhajan Sardar ran to escape the attackers, the assailants ran after him with open swords and Dindahad brutally killed Bhajan Sardar by cutting his hands, legs and throat on the public road. Seven to eight assailants threw Bhajan Sardar on the road and left, leaving puddles of flesh and blood on the road. The attackers escaped after killing Bhajan Sardar. The people who watched Mardan were shivering. On being informed about the incident, the police team rushed to the spot and conducted an investigation.

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