February 25, 2024

Mob rushes and beats up teacher, DEO issues notice to school ; However, Bajrang Dal sang Ramdhun in the school.

Ahmedabad : ABVP activists and Hindu organizations reached the school to offer namaz at Calorex School in Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad, where they sat in the principal’s office, chanted Hanuman Chalisa and chanted Ramdhun. The school later apologized in writing on the school’s letterpad, stating that the prayer program was held. We apologize for the parents’ submission. Calorex School will not make such mistake in future. However, the situation worsened and the mob shouted ‘Jai Shriram’ slogans and beat up the music teacher, which was caught on video. A team of Ghatlodia PI and police have reached the school and conducted an investigation in this regard.

The Ahmedabad District Education Officer has sent a show cause notice to the school, in which it has been said that your school’s video which has gone viral today, which hurts the religious sentiments, may have an adverse effect on the psyche of the children, what do you want to say about that? It is suggested to give a written explanation also said not on religious education, but on the actual education that has to be given, on the issue of head-on in Calorex School of Ahmedabad. Discussed with DEO to take necessary action.

In the video, it is seen that a person suddenly runs and slaps the teacher hard on the head, after which the people standing around catch the teacher and make him laugh. The teacher runs to escape, but the mob surrounds him and starts slapping the teacher one by one. The teacher tries hard to escape. Although one person holds the teacher down, the mob beat the teacher. At this point the police rush to save the teacher, but the crowd does not support it. In the end, the teacher is saved by being sent to the classroom.

Apart from that, Principal of the school said that this was not a big function, a student was a Muslim, who got admission through RTE, for this we planned. The kids standing next to them are acting, they don’t even say anything and they don’t know how. We used to explain the children for 2-3 minutes but we apologize if people’s sentiments were hurt. We have also given an apology letter. We have also deleted the video believing everyone. A sticker with anti-Hindu text was placed on the school principal’s chair. The crowd sat in the principal’s office and raised slogans and demanded the principal’s resignation. Threatened to agitate until he resigns, however later the matter escalated and the teacher beat up.

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