Regarding the incident, the Puna police have registered a case of murder.

Surat : After her marriage, the daughter of a herdsman of Bhavnagar’s Nashitpar was ran away by her sister’s son for the second time and brought to Surat, in such suspicion, the herdsman who came to find her, his elder brother and the sister’s four sons fatally attacked the elder brother and tragically died on the spot. While the herdsman was seriously injured and shifted to a private hospital for treatment. Regarding the incident, the Puna police have registered a case of murder, attempted murder and arrested the four cousins. One of them is a minor. There is a new explanation in this murder case. The sister is still in the in-laws house, whose father was killed.

According to the information, the daughter of herdsman Babu Vaghela, who lives behind Ramapir temple in Vallabhipur taluka of Bhavnagar, was killed by Vishal Parmar (20), and his sister’s son Vishal Parmar (20), who lives in huts next to the SMC parking. The day before he was ran away and brought her to Surat. On the third day, father Babu, Mansukh and brother Vikram came to Surat and took Sonal from Vishal’s house to their hometown and married her to a young man living at Garida in Vankaner, Morbi within seven to eight days. After 7 days of marriage, Bahadur called Babu and informed that your daughter has gone, I don’t know where she has gone. My phone calls from your cousin who chased your daughter earlier and he also sends photos of himself with your daughter. You find your daughter. Hence, on April 7 at 11 am, Babu again came to Surat with his elder brother Mansukh and son Vikram. He had reached the hut of the minor cousin. The Puna police, who came to know about the incident, registered a case of murder and attempted murder against the four brothers based on Vikram’s complaint and arrested them. The police questioned him. But he said that he did not know anything about the the cousin. Meanwhile, the police investigation revealed that Babu Vaghela’s daughter is staying with his in-laws. However, due to his going away from his in-laws for a few hours, he came to Surat suspecting this whole carnage.

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