February 29, 2024

At present, the accused has been arrested and further investigation has been conducted in this matter.

Surat : Accused has been caught with fake Indian currency notes from Surat. Saroli police arrested the accused from Neyol check post. This person from Maharashtra was printing fake notes at his home and circulating them in big cities like Surat. Saroli police of Surat caught this person with fake currency notes of 500 and 200. A total of 2.84 lakhs worth of goods including pencils of different colors, note cutting and other goods have been seized from the accused and further action has been taken. According to the information, based on the information received by the Saroli police in Surat, Ramulush Joseph Miz, a resident of Maharashtra Goregaon was picked up from Neyol check post. The police seized 153 fake notes of Rs 500 and 1014 notes of Rs 200 worth Rs 2,79,300 from him.

Apart from this, from the accused, pencil pieces 7, 4 of different colors, 4 white, blue, green colored ball pens and three different colored pencils, a small folding paddle used for note cutting, yellow and green colored powder in two different containers, green colored powder in a plastic container were recovered from the accused. A total of 2.84 lakh worth of valuables were found, including colored glitter pieces/strings, small scissors, as well as driving license, PAN card. The police said that the accused prints the duplicate notes from his home in Maharashtra and then passes the duplicate notes in the market area in different big cities like Surat in India. Now the police have arrested the accused and are conducting further investigation in this matter. ACP PK Patel said, the accused has been living in Mumbai for the last 10 years. He was supposed to stay in such a hotel in Surat with fake notes. The police have chased him. At present, the accused has been arrested and further investigation has been conducted in this matter. It will also be examined how much this note has been circulated in which cities so far.

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