So Vadodara cyber crime registered a case and started an investigation.

Vadodara : Vadodara Cyber Crime Branch has nabbed the accused from Delhi who has been absconding for the last 5 years in a fraud case of Rs 38.14 lakh by offering an attractive reward on the purchase of Rs 3 thousand and further action has been taken in this matter. Anil Shah of Vadodara, in a complaint lodged at the Vadodara Cyber Crime Police Station, said that he received a call on his phone from an unknown number, telling him that he would get an attractive prize on a purchase of Rs 3,000 from Today Live Shopping.

After that, taking the complainant into confidence, telling that the Volkswagen Polo car was in the prize, a total of 38.14 lakh rupees was deposited in different accounts under different pretexts to get this prize. After that, they felt that they have been defrauded and filed a complaint in the cyber crime police station, so Vadodara cyber crime registered a case and started an investigation. The accused was not present in the court and was wandering around, so that the accused from the court under Cr.P.C. Warrant under Section 70 was issued. So, Vadodara Cybercrime investigated with the help of technical and human sources by 2 teams at different locations in Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh and accused Jatin Satyaveersingh and initiated further action in this matter.

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