February 25, 2024

The youth got harder experience to make friends through social media and lost his 10 thousands rupees.

Surat : A student in Surat found it difficult to make friends with unknown youths through social media. The unknown youth called the student to meet him and took him to a nearby farm, committed an act against nature and grabbed Rs. 10 thousand. Currently, the student has filed a complaint at the Singanpore police station and the police are investigating.

According to information, Hardik ( name changed ) lives at Nanived in Surat and is studying M.com, befriended a young man named Tabrish on the Grinder app. After which he started chatting, and Tabrish called Hardik to meet him near Variav Bridge on October 2. After which Hardik reached to meet at the appointed time, where the young man took Hardik on his moped to a field near the gate in front of Variav Bridge. Three other youths arrived in the field after a few minutes. One of the youths beat up Hardik and snatched his phone. After which Tabrish committed an act against nature on Hardik and other youths took down the video. After which these youths demanded Rs.30 thousand from Hardik. However, since Hardik did not have that much money, that accused asked him to ask for money from a friend.

So Hardik called his friends and ordered 10 thousand online. These people transferred the money received from friends. After which the four gave back the mobile phone to him and let him leave at six o’clock as there was no other money arrangement. The next day, Tabrish called Hardik on WhatsApp and demanded another Rs. 5 thousand and threatened to make the video of the act against nature viral if he did not give the money. Lastly, tired of all this, Hardik told his brother the whole truth. So Hardik reached Singanpore Police Station advising him to lodge a police complaint, where he lodged a complaint against Tabrish, Shokat, Imran and Wajid. Currently, the police have started an investigation based on Hardik’s complaint.

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