February 29, 2024

The complaint has been registered to Kamrej police station against accused who threatened to kill land broker.

Surat/Bardoli : In the middle of the road leading from Pasodara to Kholwad in Kamrej, the agitated driver told the driver to take the car to the side and called his friends to threaten to kill the land broker and the complaint has been registered against accused for threatening the land broker. According to the information received, Yogesh Munjpara works as land broker. At that time, Yogesh was going from Sarthana to Kamrej for work with his Splendor GJ-05-KU-2027 along with his friend Rohit Rupapara. During which there was a traffic jam near Pasodara Patiya which was standing there. In front of whom the driver stopped the car in the middle of the road. So Yogesh told the driver to take the car to the side, who said, ” I am buying something so the car will be parked here’ and then again Yogesh told the car driver to take the car to the side.

Moreover, car driver threatened the complainant and said, I have been known as Bogha Lakhman Bharwad. I am an accused in 302 murder case and have just been released on parole and now you see what matter I am doing with you, the bike driver said, there is a traffic jam behind, you take the side. At that time, the exasperated driver shouted abuse and called his friends. Ismo in the rickshaw and car no. GJ-04-EE-20 started beating the land broker. Yogesh’s friend reached there and saved him from further beating. However, after that, this headstrong Ismo threatened Yogesh that today you are saved, now if he fights back then he will kill him and ran away. Then the land broker Yogesh went to the Kamrej police station and filed a complaint against (1) Bogha Laxman Bharwad, (2) Lakha Kalu Bharwad, (3) Vijay Khambhaliya, (4) unknown rickshaw driver and the police registered a case and conducted further investigation.

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