It has been more than 60 days since the water line was laid.

Surat : All the officials are currently running the Surat Municipal Corporation following the Election Code of Conduct, but there are no rulers to look after them and because of this, the Laliawadi of the officials is coming to the fore. The pressure is continuously increasing in different areas of the city. The authorities do not seem capable of removing it either. Many such questions are coming up now. Similarly, the work which is being completed by the contractors at present, is also not being done properly.

The municipal system is getting ready for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Due to this, contractors are getting rest. Due to lack of attention from the administration, there is widespread complaint that the contractors are stalling the work and the people are being victimized. Even after 60 days of laying the water line in the Pal area, the people are protesting due to the dust pile not being removed. Despite the complaints about this, the problems of the people who are not doing any work by the system or the contractor are increasing. Before the Lok Sabha elections, many works were started by approving the budget works. Municipalities are speeding up development works, but there are complaints of negligence by employees and contractors at some places. At present, a water line has been laid from Pal Pratham Circle to Galaxy Circle in Rander zone of the municipality. It has been more than 60 days since the water line was laid.

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