February 25, 2024

These 2 couples were stranded in Jakarta for 3 months without eating or drinking anythig as they didn’t have adequate money

Gandhinagar: Lured to send to America, two couples of Kalol and Kadi were stranded from Colombo to Jakarta for three months and frauded them of 16.22 lakh rupees the mastermind Kamlesh Barot caught by local crime branch of Gandhinagar and remanded for five days.

It was decided to go to America after not getting a European visa

Jignesh Barot, who lives in Kalol, decided to go to America as his family belonged to the middle class. Then he came to know through Facebook that Kamlesh Barot works in sending abroad. Hence in front of Mehsana B-Division Police Station had a meeting in an office called S.K. International. Later, after deciding on a European visa for 20 lakhs and applying to the embassy in Mumbai, the report was negative and the work was abandoned. After that, Kamlesh Barot lured the couple to America for one crore.

Thus, Jignesh went to America with his wife on the last date. Left on 10th April and reached Mumbai, where he met another related couple Jayesh Patel and his wife, whom Agent Kamlesh Barote had to send them to America. Later, the couple boarded a flight from Mumbai to Colombo airport and boarded a flight from Colombo to Jakarta, where after clearing immigration, Kamlesh told them that you have to stay here till your Canadian visa is approved and sent them by taxi to stay in a private villa. And took the passports of both the couple.

Agent Kamlesh Barot met the agent Chhagan there and said that, Chhagan will handle your next visa. After that, Chagan took them to different embassies and processed them for permits. In the meantime, he had lost money. On the other hand, the agent Chhagan was demanding money for visa work and was giving mental torture. Agent Kamlesh were taken 8.90 lakh from Jignesh and 7.32 lakh from Jayesh.

Agent on five-day remand

Regarding this, DySP P.D. Manwar said that, the concerned agent Kamlesh has been arrested and remanded for five days by the court, further investigation by Gandhinagar Local Crime Branch-2.

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