February 25, 2024

This view is very scenic and people will enjoy on this lake and get fun together, also abroad people will also enjoy their summer vacation

However, various lakes in the city of A’bad are being beautified and developed as places for people to have fun, then the Chharodi lake near Chharodi village on the SG highway will be beautified by the Municipal Corporation at a cost of Rs 5 crore and will be opened for public on Sunday.

Further, Chharodi Lake is very adjacent to the SG Highway and a special gallery box has been designed for people to have a scenic view of the lake, so that people can stand there and enjoy the view of the lake comfortably.

Furthermore, there are more than 120 lakes in A’bad city. The lake has been developed and a garden-cum-lake has been prepared for people to visit. The lake of Chharodi village on the SG highway has been beautified in a different way. No garden of any kind has been built in this lake, but a gallery box has been prepared for people to sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake.

Although, this gallery box has been arranged so that the entire lake can be seen standing in one place. A’bad people will now be able to see the beautiful view of the lake even at night from the gallery box.

Additionally, Chharodi Lake is going to be inaugurated by Union Home Minister Amit Shah next Sunday. 350 MLD of Narmada river water has been pumped into the lake to make the lake look full. Many lakes in the city are empty today in the heat of summer, but this lake has been filled with water from the Narmada.

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