February 29, 2024

Asarwa Lake, developed at a cost of 10cr, became an empty in Ahmedabad

It has been announced to interlink the lakes in Ahmedabad and store water in them. However, more than 70 lakes in the city are still empty. The opposition has alleged that, Asarwa Lake, which was developed at a cost of ten crores, has become empty.

The municipal opposition leader has alleged that, the announcement made to solve the water logging problem seen in the monsoon season by interlinking the lakes in different areas of the city has proved to be hollow.

Further, 10cr of rupees were spent by the system to develop the Asarwa lake. At present the condition of the lake is seen as pathetic. The Lake Conservation Plan was approved by the Central Government two decades ago.

Lastly, the central government formed the Lake Authority of India and decided that 70 percent of the amount for the development of the lake will be borne by the central government and 30 percent by the state government.

More than a hundred lakes have been constructed by various cities and states for the purpose of raising the ground water level and lowering the temperature. A grant has been obtained for development, but it has been alleged by the opposition that no project has been placed for the development of a single lake from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

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