February 29, 2024

A project was prepared by the final year students of Computer Engineering at Government Polytechnic College Ambawadi using various technologies like Python, Java, REACT, JS, FLUTTER, I-ot as part of the syllabus.

The projects prepared were also put up for other students. First and second year students of computer engineering department observed the project and learned a lot from it for future studies.

Although, projects prepared by students are useful to society. Food wastage system, kisan mart, face recognition system etc. have been created. With a face recognition system, the attendance of all the students present in the class can be taken with one camera. Which can be used to prevent malpractice in any future competitive exam.

In the end, some students also created 3D games using Unity and C#. Students have used such technology to create each project, which is currently at the prototype stage. In the future, the students who get the chance will lead to development.

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