February 29, 2024

Apart from rain reducing visibility, hail also prevented the landing

Initially, heavy rain with hail and wind lashed Ahmedabad on Sunday, disrupting the landing of many flights coming to Ahmedabad. 8 domestic flight came under the radar of Ahmedabad, but was not allowed to land due to reduced visibility on the runway. All these flights had to circle in the sky for 25 to 35 minutes while five flights were diverted by the captain before the fuel alert came out.

Landing of many flights coming to Ahmedabad was disrupted
Akasha’s Goa Ahmedabad to Delhi and Alliance Air’s Udaypur Ahmedabad to Udaypur were diverted after circling the sky without landing from Ahmedabad airport. A private jet from Mumbai and a scheduled Air India flight from Mumbai were diverted at Vadodara airport.

These flights land after circling the sky
However, Indigo flight circled in this cities, like Mumbai- A’bad 30 minutes, Delhi- A’bad around 25 minutes. After stopped the rain 3 flights got permission to land.

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