February 29, 2024

Decision to carry out segregation of dry waste with the help of machinery

Initially, to speed up the recycling of waste collected from Ahmedabad, the municipal system has decided to recycle the waste with machinery. With the help of machinery, the dry waste will now be separated.

Now, waste is collected from the municipal system by door-to-door method. The collected waste is taken to the refuse station. At this station, the women separate the plastic, cartons, wafers, etc. By recycling, the women get employment. Apart from Sola, Vasna, Vastral, Wadaj and Khadia five refuse stations of the city will now carry out automatic waste separation.

At present, around 1070 women rag pickers are working to separate waste at this refuse station. According to the Chairman of the Health Committee, the proposal to award the contract to three companies has been approved. The system will be paid royalty at per tonne price.Each station will be operated by semi-automated machines.The operation done by rag pickers will also continue.

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