February 25, 2024

Even after waiting for hours on the roof of the house or the roof of the building, crows are not seen.

Surat : Surat is becoming a cement concrete jungle with increasing pollution levels in Surat city. The impact of urbanization is being seen on Shraddha Paksha, which is considered sacred for Hindus. The number of trees decreases and the number of buildings is constantly increasing, so even if you wait for hours after paying homage to the ancestors and sit on the roof of the house or on the roof of the building, no crows are seen, due to which people have to go to Tapi Bridge to give food to crows.

In the Shraddha Paksha that is going on, on the 16th tithi of the relative who has died in everyone’s house, the practice of keeping crows, dogs and cows in the Shraddha Paksha to appease the ancestors is still seen today. The Suratis have maintained the centuries-old practice of Shraddha Paksha, but Surat has been turning into a cement-concrete jungle for the last few years, cutting down trees and building buildings. Due to this many bird nests are also removed. It has been revealed that the number of crows, crows and sparrows has been affected the most.

Lastly, environmental awareness activists Rajinikanth Chauhan says that not only crows, but the number of familiar sparrows and other birds are also very less. The reason for this is that modern houses and big buildings are being built instead of old houses, so these birds cannot make nests. Due to which crows are very rarely seen. Because of the holes in the bridge built over the river, nests are made there, so birds like crows and other birds are seen on the river bank.

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