February 25, 2024

Every single documents and questions will be solved online, anyone can raise their question

To initiate with, in the next session, all the proceedings in the Legislative Assembly will be paperless. From the bills passed in the assembly, questions will also be seen online now. All the documents of the assembly can be seen and information can be obtained at home.

Moreover, there is a good news for people. People can now ask questions directly to their representatives. The website of Gujarat Assembly is being given a new update, under which any citizen can now ask their representative or to their MLA online questions about public affairs.

Although, not only that, the MLA will also have to give an answer to them.Further, an effort is being made to have direct contact between the elected representatives and the common man. Anyone from Gujarat can now ask questions to ministers and MLAs online through the Assembly website.

Furthermore, the website of Gujarat assembly is being a new touch. Also, there are many new processes are being update. For example, if an MLAs has raised an issue in the assembly house about drinking water, then the story about the water supply will solve through online and will be given any updates by posted online.

Finally, all the documents of the assembly can be seen and information will be provided by online and can be obtained at home. However, it is predicted that, two- day session will held in spetember and the question papers, documents including bills will be able to see online.

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