February 25, 2024

Not only jewelery or dresses, but also jute shoes are becoming the leading choice in Eco-friendly fashion.

Gujarat: Be it clothes or accessories, there is a craze for using eco-friendly products among the youth, who always want to try something new. Today’s youth are as advanced as they are environmentally conscious, that’s why they are turning to eco-friendly fashion to contribute to today’s increasing global warming.

Although, in most of the fairs held in Surat, stalls of eco-friendly items can be seen, and since these items are not harmful to the body, Suratis are seen buying them freely, some youths have even made some items and worn them. The trend of such body cooling products seems to have increased in summer.

Eco Friendly Jewellery

In jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair clips, beads and finger rings made of bamboo, cloth, jute and stone are very popular. Jewelery is also a special favourite. Apart from being cheap, it is also stylish so you can wear it with any dress.

Not only this, you can also design this type of jewelery yourself. Not only jewelery or dresses, but also jute shoes are becoming the leading choice in eco-friendly fashion.

Eco friendly clothes

Instead of artificial fibers, natural fibers like thread, linen, jute, flakes etc. are used in eco fashion in which messages like ‘Save Water’ or ‘Go Green’ are printed on their clothes to bring awareness to the people for global warming.

Lastly, most of the clothes are printed with chemicals, but in eco-friendly fashion vegetable printing is used which is not harmful to the body and the fabric is also pure cotten, cotton etc.

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