February 29, 2024

Printing fake notes with the help of computer-printer and scanner, Rs. 100 original note thread removed Rs. 500 and 2000 would be pasted in the sticky notes

Rajkot: A huge scam of printing fake notes has come to know in Rajkot. Diploma engineer Vishal Padiya has so far printed lakhs of currency notes of 2000 and 500, the police have expressed suspicion. Rajkot Rural SOG from him Rs.2000 and 500 Counterfeit notes of the rate of 3.44 lakhs have been seized and the investigation has been carried forward.

After the SOG interrogated him, he himself confessed that, he had printed these fake notes. Based on which SOG raided his house this evening and recovered Rs. 160 of the rate of 2000 and Rs. 18 fake notes of the rate of 500 were seized. Apart from that, a computer, printer, scanner, paper cutting machine, note counting machine and other papers were found from his house.

According to the information, he studies diploma engineering at L.E. college. One day he was searching for different types of papers on a site called ‘Alibaba’ site in China, and he got the idea of printing a fake notes. Also, he bought good quality of papers from the site, after that he started to print fake notes with the help of computer, printer and scanner at his home.

In the end, he himself used to receive the fake notes by depositing it in any corporate firm. After giving one of his number to the firm, the firm used to give his other number as receiver. After depositing the notes in the firm of Rajkot, he used to go to Metoda and Shapar and withdraw the amount from the branch of the firm. In this way, the SOG has suspected that, he has so far passed the fake notes worth lakhs of rupees with the help of different firms of Rajkot.

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