After that the ambulance stopped for another 20 minutes at 9 and returned at 29 minutes.

Vadodara : The death of an elderly woman due to negligence of 108 in Vadodara has been alleged by the deceased’s son. This morning the old woman suddenly started having chest pain and his son called 108 for emergency. He has alleged that 17 types of questions were asked by the employees of 108 to the son of the deceased. Along with this, serious allegations were made that the mother died because she did not get 108 on time. In this regard, 108 in-charges rushed to Sayaji Hospital causing a commotion and informed that 108 had arrived at the appointed time. Laxmi Khuman, aged approximately 65 years was contacted 108 Ambulance after suddenly chest pain. However, as the ambulance did not arrive on time, he took his mother in a rickshaw and left for Sayaji Hospital for treatment. On reaching Sayaji Hospital, the doctor declared his mother dead. On the other hand, the son held the 108 service responsible for the mother’s death after asking questions about the family and the place to get the necessary details about the timely arrival of the 108 ambulance. With this, the attention of the system was drawn so that this kind of incident does not happen to anyone else.

Regarding this, Gopal Khuman, the son of the patient, said that my mother started foaming at the mouth due to her sudden health deterioration. So we immediately called 108. 108 employees ask 17 types of questions while calling. Why did it happen? How did it happen? What’s the difference? Despite my repeated calls, there was no response, so we picked up my mom and brought her to the road and took her in my autorickshaw to Sayaji Hospital, where the attending doctor declared her brought dead. However, in the entire matter, a team tried to know the exact reason in this matter by talking to 108 in- charge. Then, after going to the 108 center in Sayaji Hospital, the patient received a call in 108 emergency at 9 o’clock and 1 minute, and the ambulance left immediately after receiving a call at 9 o’clock 2 minutes. Reached the location within 7 minutes and called the patient’s family but did not receive. After that the ambulance stopped for another 20 minutes at 9 and returned at 29 minutes.

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