February 25, 2024

It is alleged that, people should not go on the wrong side nowhere, whether it is on bridge or on the road

Surat: Nowadays people are driving without any awareness of the law. Obeying traffic rules is fine, but driving your vehicle on the wrong side puts other people’s lives at risk. A similar case has happened in Surat district. Another case of wrong side driving has come to know in the last four days. Drivers are seen driving in the wrong direction on the bridge violating the rules.

As you can clearly see, an Activa driver is seen going at full speed on the wrong side. People coming from the front are also surprised to see this, why is this uncle in such a hurry? However, a vehicle driver has made a video of this Activa driver and made it viral. So it remains to be seen when the traffic department will take action.

Driving on the wrong side over a bridge

People seem very careless in violating such traffic rules. Despite the increasing number of accidents in the city, no eye is open. Drivers who carelessly drive over the bridge are inviting death for themselves, but can also be a disaster for oncoming drivers. When vehicles are driving on the wrong side on the bridge, if a vehicle comes at full speed from the front, it itself may lose control over its steering and cause a major accident.

When will the traffic department take action?

Surat city is known as Bridge City. Bridges have been constructed in all areas of the city. Motorists are flouting the rules and driving on the bridge which is designed to reduce traffic. The traffic department should take strict action against the drivers, who drive on the bridge on the wrong side in this manner. So that the vehicle is stopped from driving on the wrong side at the risk of life on the bridge.

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