February 25, 2024

Considering the possibility the thieves are from outside of Gujarat and the police have formed different teams and started searching for the accused.

Ahmedabad : In the city of Ahmedabad, an incident has come to know that the thieves broke the ATM machine of a bank and stole lakhs of rupees in minutes. They broke the ATM machine with a gas cutter and took the money and left the gas bottle and the cutter. However, they also sprayed to avoid the CCTV. The police have started an investigation into the modus operandi of the thieves in the case of ATM theft. Shockingly, the Commissioner of Police recently instructed to organize a crime conference to maintain law and order in the city.

At Indus Bank in Meghaninagar area, the theives fled after stealing more than Rs.10 lakhs in cash. 2 persons entered the Indus Bank ATM on Bhargava Road. They also entered with a gas bottle, a cutter and sprayed the CCTV camera first to avoid being captured on the CCTV camera. Then the ATM machine was cut with a gas cutter and the machine was broken. Later, they fled with the cash in the machine. The theives fled with the gas cutter and cylinder bottle brought to break the ATM machine. The team of Meghaninagar Police and Crime Branch reached the spot and started investigation after the police came to know about this incident.

As most of the ATM machines in the city are without security guards, miscreants are able to steal them. In this case too, since there was no security guard outside the ATM of Indus Bank, the thieves stole and escaped within minutes. Not only that, 15 lakh rupees cash was filled in this ATM machine 4 days ago. Earlier this ATM was closed. So, considering the possibility that the smugglers have carried out the theft, the police have formed different teams and started searching for the accused.

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