February 25, 2024

A youth threatened to a girl, ‘If you don’t pay, you will be trapped according to foreign laws’, police has taken further information

Rajkot: A police is taking action to curb the increasing incidence of cyber fraud as complaints of online transaction frauds are increasing daily in Rajkot city. In Rajkot, the person who made friendship on Instagram said that, the opposite person was from London, later said that he had sent a surprise gift, gave the identity of the Delhi Customs Department and demanded Rs. 35,000. B Division police recovered Rs 10,841 after applying for fraud.

Money collected in the name of gift parcel

After developing friendship with a girl living in Rajkot city on Instagram, the other person said that, he was a resident of London and exchanged WhatsApp numbers. After this the friendship grew and the other person sent a surprise gift to the girl. Later, the girl received a phone call and said that, the customs department is speaking from Delhi and a parcel gift contains 20 thousand pounds, golden necklace, watch and other things, so that, if the girl refuses to accept the gift, the girl is afraid that she will be caught according to foreign laws.

To redeem the gift in customs by showing Rs. 35,000 was transferred through Paytm. After which the girl came to know that, she had been defrauded, the financial fraud detection team investigated the application and with the help of technical analysis and technical sources, Rs. 10,841 was returned to the girl from the amount that was defrauded.

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