February 29, 2024

In the new policy students can choose subjects like engineering, agriculture, dairy etctera

According to the framework of the new education policy, students of class 9 in the state will have to study a total of 9 subjects compulsorily along with vocational subjects. St. 9th students have to keep four languages as before as if they are to be experts in all languages.

Besides, Mathematics, Science and Social Science will also be compulsory. As these seven subjects are less, four groups have been formed and out of them four subjects have to be kept. According to the circular published by the board, languages are to be selected in group-1, in which the medium school language has to be chosen as the first language.

Apart from these four languages, mathematics, science and social science will be compulsory. While now four groups have been divided under vocational subjects courses in 9th grade and out of the four groups one subject has to be selected from three groups.

Furthermore, in Group A, one has to choose any one of these four subjects Computer Studies, Home Science, Dairy Science and Animal Husbandry, Introduction to Commerce, Elements of Engineering.

Art education in group B will have to choose one subject from painting, music, Shivan and Bharata. In Group C, one of the subjects of Yoga, Health and Physical Education and in Group D, one of the subjects of vocational education conducted for schools conducting vocational subjects.

Forms of 10th std. supplementary examination will be filled till June 12

The deadline for applying online for the 10th supplementary examination has been extended to June 12. Schools have to fill the application form online from the board website www.gseb.org or sscpurakreg.gseb.org. The process of filling the application and the process of paying the fee has to be done by the school through online mode only.

Lastly, the list of students, who are absent or failed in one or two subjects is for the information of the school only. Mode of acceptance of application form in person or by post is not in force. Choice of Mathematics subject can be changed during online application process.

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