February 29, 2024

After the devastating earthquake of 2001, a whole forest was built in Bhuj, the headquarters of Kutch, where people can get information about the wild resources.

The Bio Diversity Park is in ruins today

A bio diversity park built by the forest department in Bhuj with various objectives has become a ruin today. The forest was opened with many facilities including a jogging track, but due to lack of maintenance, people visit today. The forest department itself admits that maintenance is not as much as it should be, but maintenance is being done as per the grant.

Park ruins due to lack of maintenance

A decade ago, the forest department set up a bio diversity park in Bhuj so that people can enjoy the wildlife, flora and natural beauty of Kutch with good health, but today the park has become a ruin due to lack of maintenance. The seating arrangement is broken.

While the works made for various information to the people are in a dilapidated condition today, if the park is properly maintained, there is a demand from the surrounding residences and people visiting the park to bring people back. On the other hand, since anti-social elements are coming more in this garden, there is an expectation of security and proper arrangement.

A private organization should be entrusted with the management of the park

According to Deputy Conservator of Forests, police and home guards are also there. He also said that, the park is being informed. It is said that some trees are not growing due to the rocky area. People want a 24-hour guard to be posted in this park. It is a fact that if the management of the park is handed over to a private organization, proper maintenance will also be done and the movement of people will increase.

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