February 25, 2024

The whole incident came to know, when the injured bus driver was shifted to Civil for treatment.

Surat : In Surat, there has been a shocking incident of a BRTS bus driver being slapped and beaten in public. A mob gathered when a young man pretending to be a policeman hit the bus driver on Ambanagar Canal Road. The bus driver, who was injured in the clashes, has been shifted to the nearby New Civil Hospital for treatment.

According to the information received, the driver of the BRTS bus was publicly slapped by a biker in front of Unique Hospital on Ambanagar Canal Road, Bhatar on Monday morning. After that, a stick was brought from somewhere and hit with it. Not only this, but the whole incident came to know, when the injured bus driver was shifted to Civil for treatment.

Additionally, Dhananjaya Daswant (conductor) said that, he was on duty today. A bus full of passengers was going from circle to Unn Patia. Then a bike rider came on the wrong side near Unique Hospital Char Road and collided with the bus in a hurry to move ahead. The bike driver got angry after hitting the bus and threw the bus driver Vijay down from the bus, tore his clothes and slapped him. Then the stick was taken from the bike and hit him in public. People were left watching. While leaving, the bike driver threatened that I will see you at 9 o’clock in the night. The doctors were also shocked to hear the fact that the injured Vijay was brought to Civil for immediate treatment after seeing the beating marks on his body. The family said that, we earn by working. Vijay has two children and his wife and parents are his responsibilities. An unknown biker has attacked an ongoing job. Furtherm, My car was taking a turn when the bike driver came in front. He got off the bike and started beating him with a stick. He started bullying saying that, he was a policeman.He looked like TRB soldier.

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