February 25, 2024

It seems that such shameless people are not afraid of the police or the law.

Surat : A shocking incident came to know from Majuragate area of Surat. This morning, shameless person slapped a woman in public and became the subject of discussion. While trying to overtake the woman’s car, he hit his bike to the car. After an argument, he slapped the woman. After coming to know about the incident, the police has taken further action.

According to the information received, today bike-riding young man slapped a woman in public on Majuragate circle in Surat. After this incident which happened early this morning, the pedestrians passing by had gathered, and caught the young man, after which the woman reported to the police control against the young man who slapped her. The woman said that he hit the bike behind my car. The woman said to him, ‘Do you talk to a woman like that?’ he slapped me after hearing this. It seems that such shameless people are not afraid of the police or the law. Thus, legal action must be taken against them persons who are doing this in public.

Lastly, giving more details of the incident, the woman said that she is a resident of Vesu. A family member has been admitted to Mahaveer Hospital. So when she was going home from the hospital in the morning, the bike rider suddenly hit behind her car. As soon as woman said that talk with me politely but he slapped in the public and everyone gathered to help me. Then I reported the incident to the police control.

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