February 25, 2024

The rules of the Central Government were studied for the recruitment in Board Corporation, but suddenly there was break on prepared list

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the appointment of the BJP Board Corporation for some time now. Now this issue has become a topic of discussion among BJP workers, because after the list was prepared for the appointment of the chairman in the board corporation, suddenly there was a break on it.

At present, information has been received in this matter that BJP is likely to appoint chairman only in social corporations. BJP will not make appointments in all boards of corporations. desirous of appointment only in social corporations.

There is a discussion that, the leaders who were dropped during the elections can be included in the board corporation. At the time of election, the leaders who came to BJP from other parties can also get a seat. Some young faces may also get a place.

Howeover, there are currently more than 60 Board Corporations in the state, the appointments of which are pending, in which there are vacancies in Board Corporations like GMDC, Tourism, Pavitra Yatradham, Secondary Service Selection Board. Boards have been prepared for appointments in long-vacant board corporations.

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