February 25, 2024

The snake was released in the forest area with the help of the nature club; it advices that check twice before driving vehicle

Ahmedabad: At present, when the monsoon is going on, the insects are coming out of the soil due to suffocation. These insects hide in our living things for protection. Then a similar case has been seen in Ahmedabad. The young man was riding his bike in the city this morning, when suddenly he noticed a black snake on the petrol tank of the bike, so the young man immediately threw the bike off the road. Later informed the animal rescue team. The rescue team reached the spot and rescued the snake.

It is said that, the incident happened like, as the biker did not even know that a snake was riding with him. The rescued snake is a venomous snake among black snakes. It contains a poison called neurotoxin, which affects the human nervous system. A snake bite can even lead to death, if a person does not reach the hospital in time. Especially the tongue of this snake is red in color, which is different from other snakes.

Furthermore, another incident of snack happened in Surat tody. A snake entered a moped parked in front of a shop. On seeing the senior citizens sitting near the shop, they reported that the driver had entered his Activa with a snake. At first activist tried to remove the snake with the help of his friends but the fire brigade and nature club were informed when the snake did not come out.

The fire brigade rushed to the spot after being informed about the incident and tried to use the water pressure in the Activa to extricate the snake. But the snake did not appear. So a mechanic was called and the trunk of the Activa was opened and the snake was rescued with the help of a stick. According to the Nature Club, the snake found in Activa is a non-venomous green snake species. The green snake was about three to four feet in length. The snake was released in the forest area with the help of the nature club.

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