February 25, 2024

The donated liver and both kidneys will be transplanted in three needy patients at IKDRC, Ahmedabad.

Surat : Surat has become a leader in organ donation. The family of the brain dead Rasila Jeetu Bhensania, age 53, has donated Rasila’s lungs, kidneys, liver and eyes through Donate Life and has shown a new direction to the society by giving new life to six people and spreading the fragrance of humanity. Lung Transplant A resident of Chhattisgarh a 44-year-old woman is being operated on at Madanta The Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon, Haryana. A Green Corridor has been made on the route from INS Hospital to Surat Airport to airlift Gurgaon Haryana on time.

Moreover, on December 4th, she was having breakfast at 8:00 am, her family members rushed her to INS Hospital, Neurophysician Dr. Anirudh Apte was admitted under treatment and treatment started. Brain haemorrhage was diagnosed on CT scan for diagnosis. On 6th December, Neurophysician Dr. Anirudh Apte, Neurophysician Dr. Manoj Satyavani, Intensivist Dr. Nidhi Asodaria, Dr. Chinmay Patel declared Rasila branded.Dr. Nidhi Asodaria contacted Nilesh Mandlewala, founder of Donate Life, over phone, informing him about Rasila’s brain deadness and the family’s desire to donate her organs.

Lastly, the team of Donate Life reached the hospital and explained the importance of organ donation and its entire process to Rasila’s husband Jitu, son Divyesh, daughter Ruchika, sister-in-law Vilas and other family members. Rasila’s husband Jitu and son Divyesh said that we often read and saw organ donation news in newspapers, social media, At that time, we thought that the work of organ donation is a divine work. My wife/mom is brain dead. When the body is about to turn into ashes, if organ failure patients get a new life by donating their organs, there can be no better donation than that, they said that as many of their organs as possible can be donated. In Rasila’s family, husband Jitu and son Divyesh owns an embroidery unit in Saroli.

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