February 25, 2024

108, fire department and police commissioner reached the spot along with the convoy after being informed about the incident

Bhavnagar: Shops including BOB Bank in the basement were crushed, when the front part of the building in Bhavnagar city collapsed. A woman has died in this accident. While 17-18 people have been injured. The CCTV of this accident has also come to know.

17 to 18 people were injured
Regarding the accident, the Commissioner said that 17 to 18 people have been injured after a two-storey balcony collapsed, who have been shifted to hospital for treatment. 70 of our personnel are carrying out debris removal operations. This debris will be removed immediately.

A person, who came from bank work, said, I came from bank work. I was coming from the side bike park in front of the bank and suddenly I saw a part of the building falling and I got scared. I took out nine people out of eight, all of them were injured. Some people felt that their arms and legs were fractured. Apart from that, some people also say that we came outside to broke the door from the shops.

Notice to all flat holders to vacate flat immediately

The Building has three floors of commercial. While five floors are residential. There are 56 flats in five floors. All the flat holders have been instructed by the system to vacate the flat immediately after this accident. Residents will not be allowed to enter until the structure is inspected. The flat will be given later after checking at the earliest.

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