February 25, 2024

The bus stands constructed by the municipality for city buses have become dilapidated due to lack of maintenance.

Surat : The bus stand built at a cost of lakhs of rupees in Surat is not being used for the convenience of city buses that run in Surat for the convenience of people. In many places, the bus stands built by the municipality for city buses have become dilapidated due to lack of maintenance. So some places are occupied by people and in some places plants have grown. When Surat Municipality started the city bus for public transport service, instead of the convenience of passengers, bus stands have been constructed to provide more work to the contractors, bus stands have also been constructed in many places where bus stands are not used. As these bus stands built for the benefit of contractors are not used, many bus stands have become ruins. A bus stand built near Rander Pepperdi Wala School in Surat has been converted into a washing cloth place and clothes are being permanently dyed or dried on it. Also, goats are being grown there. So, at the bus stand constructed in Palan pore village, the bus does not stop even once, there are large number of plants standing there and some people are putting agricultural implements.

Moreover, city buses run for the convenience of people in Surat are becoming a disaster for the people due to the serious negligence of the driver. The municipality has built bus stands for the convenience of people, but 80 percent of the buses do not stop at the bus stand. There is a constant danger of accidents due to the fact that the driver stops the bus on the public road by braking there. Because of this, people cannot use the bus stand. The bus driver suddenly stops in the middle of the road where people raise their hands or ask them to get off, so many accidents have occurred and the danger of accidents is also constant.

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