February 29, 2024

The possibility of a major accident on the BRTS route cannot be ruled out.

Surat : The number of accidents in Surat Municipality’s BRTS route has been increasing for the past few times. Apart from the driver of the bus operator, the police and the municipality as well as the people are equally responsible for the accidents that occur on the municipal BRTS and CT bus routes. Private vehicles have been banned in municipal BRTS routes but as it is not strictly enforced, private vehicles are running indiscriminately on BRTS routes in the city. Recently, a police complaint has been lodged on the Magob Dindoli BRTS route with cars coming from the wrong side breaking the swing gate.

Surat Municipality installed swing gates at a cost of more than four crores to prevent private vehicles from plying on the BRTS route. However, since there was no maintenance of this swing gate for a long time, these swing gates were closed. However, more than 50 swing gates have been started at present following the suggestion of Standing Committee Chairman Rajan Patel. However, despite the opening of these swing gates, some motorists are intruding into the BRTS route. A short time ago, despite the swing gate near the Udhna Jeevan Jyot bus stand, vehicles entered and drove away with the bus. Even after this incident, the municipality or the police did not take any action, now despite the swing gate in the BRTS route, some people have increased the courage to run the vehicle and are running reckless vehicles.

Due to the gross negligence of the municipality and the police, a vehicle in the BRTS route in the limits of Godadara police station broke the swing gate by coming on the wrong side. A car came from Devadh village on the wrong side at 9-30 am and rammed into the automatic swing gate, causing damage to the gate. After that, the municipality’s BRTS supervisor has filed a complaint against the car driver at the Godadara police station.This is a single case of a police complaint but due to the negligence of the municipality and police and lack of traffic sense among the people, many vehicles are still running erratically on the BRTS route. If the municipality and the police do not remove this menace, the possibility of a major accident on the BRTS route cannot be ruled out.

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