February 25, 2024

An incident has reached the Gujarat High Court and the Supreme Court, in which a married man betrayed and made elder sister pregnant and raped little sister.

Bharuch : An incident in Bharuch district has reached the Gujarat High Court and the Supreme Court, in which a married man betrayed and raped two sisters. The girl who got pregnant in this incident has fought from the Gujarat High Court to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court also warned the Gujarat High Court to take a decision in this case considering the condition and future of the victim. The Supreme Court has allowed a rape victim in Gujarat to have an abortion. The Supreme Court is of the opinion that pregnancy after marriage in Indian society is a cause of happiness for the couple and the society. However, when a woman becomes pregnant without her permission, it affects her mental health. Taking note of the medical report of the victim, Justice said that the Gujarat High Court had not taken the right decision by disallowing the girl’s pregnancy.

Apart from parents, the victim girl has a younger sister studying in class 10 and a younger brother studying in class 5 in a family living in a village near Bharuch district. The victim started working after completing her 12th standard to help her parents earn a living by doing farm labor. During this period, the victim used to travel in state transport buses and private taxis. During this period, the victim girl was introduced to the accused, who was driving a private taxi and both fell in love, after which both decided to get married.

The victim went into a frenzy, when she narrated the alleged rape of her sister by the accused. She said that, one day the accused insisted that my sister drop out of school as she was going to school. Then, instead of dropping my sister in school, he took her to a secluded place and threatened her and raped her. Not only that, he also raped and threatened to kill her brother, if she informed anyone about this. Accused keeps leaving me even though I am pregnant. So my sister got scared and kept silent. According to the victim, her sister did not tell anyone about the rape for a week due to fear, but the mother took her to the government hospital in Bharuch due to severe pain in her stomach. The victim further said that, the accused and my mother took my sister to the hospital, where he escaped on the pretext of dropping my mother and sister out of the hospital. When the doctor examined my sister, we came to know that she had been raped. Then the entire incident was reported. When we called him on his mobile, he switched off the phone.

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