December 11, 2023

After customer complained, AMC’s food department took samples from Madhav Dry fruits.

Ahmedabad : In Ahmedabad, people’s health is being tampered with, from food and drink items to now even in dryfruits. Insects including caterpillars found from cashew-nuts bought from a shop in Bopal area of the city. When the customer bought the cashews, insects came out of them, so he went back to the shop and the jar from which the cashews were given. After checking it, caterpillars and insects were also found in it as well as cashews and almonds in an eaten state, so after the customer complained in this matter, the team of Manpa’s food department checked the shop and took the process of taking samples.

Also, the almonds that were in the shop called Madhav Diafruit were also inedible. During the Diwali festivities in the city, when people are buying sweets and dryfruits, some traders are compromising with citizen’s health by selling adulterated or even inedible items. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel also ordered daily checking of the Food and Drugs Department in the cabinet meeting, now there is a lot of anger among the citizens due to the poor sale of dryfruits in the city.

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